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LSLCS has been providing out-of-hours person-centred crisis services in Leeds since 1999. In this podcast series, our staff talk about how we do this work and overcome the challenges it brings, including working with people whose challenging mental health presentations see them as being “beyond the help” of mainstream services.

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Tuesday Jan 05, 2021

Alice Owen (Teen Connect Support Worker) and Naoise Poku (Senior Crisis Support Worker at Safe Zone) talk to Barry about the crisis support available for under 18s at LSLCS. (Note: this podcast was recorded in August 2020; please see the LSLCS website for update details around face to face service offerings).

Tuesday Sep 08, 2020

Barry talks to Daisy, the team leader of the retreats in Bournemouth and Dorchester, about their crisis services that are based upon Dial House / LSLCS philosophy and practice.

Tuesday Aug 04, 2020

Two of the people answering the phone on the Leeds COVID frontline volunteers' debrief helpline talk about the service and their experiences of lockdown.

Thursday Jul 30, 2020

During May and June 2020, LSLCS (in partnership with Forum Central and Voluntary Action Leeds) created and launched a helpline for the frontline volunteers of the Leeds COVID-19 effort to be able to talk about their experiences. Two of the helpline workers talk to Barry about their own experiences of lockdown and how we hope the helpline can be of use to others. The homepage of the debrief service is here.

Tuesday Jul 21, 2020

We have our own BAME (Black Asian Minority Ethic) specific crisis service, called Dial House @ Touchstone. Carol Gatewood, the Dial House @ Touchstone Manager tells her own story in this work and explains why it's so important that we have a safe space for minority groups in crisis.

Wednesday Jul 08, 2020

This week Barry and Simon talk about our application of Carl Rogers' Person-Centred Approach to therapy. What is the Person-Centred Approach? What is our application of it? How does it permeate through our organisation's values? This week we try to explain all this stuff in a non-jargonistic and accessible way. 

Tuesday Jun 23, 2020

This week Barry and Simon explain the roots of Leeds Survivor-Led Crisis Service and what you can expect when you contact us. We cover the survivor-led movement, Dial House, Connect Helpline, Dial House @ Touchstone, Groups, and other projects that we are part of.

Tuesday Jun 09, 2020

Dial House, a survivor-led crisis service in Leeds, is open during the lockdown. Barry and Simon explain how our services are operating remotely at the moment while we provide out-of-hours emotional support by video and on the 'phone. Dial House is part of Leeds Survivor-Led Crisis Service and more details can be found on our website,

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